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Egg Processing

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Altering the egg microbiome can improve chick health

Leveraging the eggshell microbiome can influence a chick’s gastrointestinal tract and produce a healthier bird.

Manipulating the eggshell by applying a nutritional egg coating in the hatchery introduces probiotic bacteria to a developing chick from the outside of the egg, which can help generate a better immune system and gut health.

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Can pulsed light technology advance poultry sanitation?

Low-intensity light has been used as a decontamination tool in the poultry industry since the 1960s.

A light-based approach to food sanitation could be an effective alternative to chemical, heat and water-based decontamination technologies, especially when it comes to eggs, revealed a new study from Pennsylvania State University.

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Lohmann pioneering in-ovo sexing in first German hatchery

In a first for the German hatchery sector, Lohmann Deutschland will install in-ovo sexing equipment, after entering a partnership with “Free of chick culling” advocate Respeggt.

German genetics company Lohmann Deutschland and hormone-based sexing company Respeggt have teamed up to support Germany’s male chick culling ban.

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Producing eggs in the US was expensive in 2021

Packaging, cartoning and transportation costs to produce eggs in the U.S. were found to be 20% higher in 2021 compared to 2020 in a recently published study.

U.S. producer data collected in 2021 estimated that processing, cartoning and transportation (PCT) costs for eggs sourced inline averaged approximately US$0.47 per dozen.

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