News and analysis on the global poultry
and animal feed industries.

Egg Processing

Mexico will allow imported table eggs to be washed

The Mexican government will now allow importers and producers to wash table eggs following certain requirements in the process.
Mexico announced modifications were made to the sanitary norms and regulations related to eggs and their products to allow the producers, importers and marketers of table eggs to wash them before they reach the consumer.
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The poultry and egg industries’ sustainability program

A new organization, the Poultry and Egg Industry Sustainability and Welfare Foundation, will promote social responsibility in the industries.
The poultry and egg industries meet a standard of sustainability. Nevertheless, today’s paradigm for sustainability is much more holistic than it once was.
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Japan's poultry production continues to grow

The country's poultry meat production and consumption rose last year and this positive performance is thought to have continued into 2019.
Japan's chicken and egg producers are continuing to respond to favorable market chicken, with demand favoring high-value products.
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Big data: connecting the chicken and the egg

Adoption of the internet of things by the egg industry will unleash a wealth of information and faster, more accurate management, benefiting producers and consumers.
With the application of new precision management technologies, the egg industry will see productivity rise, while consumers will enjoy greater transparency.
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Canadian egg grading station’s license is suspended

Food inspection agency says Ferme avicole Yves Labelle et fils did not develop appropriate preventative control plans related to product and chemical control
The license of Ferme avicole Yves Labelle et fils, an egg grading station in Saint-Eustache, Quebec, was suspended by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).
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