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Egg Processing


Moba names Edwin Bolwerk new chief executive officer

New CEO says a major focus will be placed on accelerating innovation
Moba, the leading producer of high-quality integrated systems for grading, packaging and processing eggs, has appointed Edwin Bolwerk as the new chief executive officer of the Moba Group, effective May 1.
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Retail egg prices, foodservice impacted by COVID-19

Urner Barry explains how the egg market has been impacted by panic buying and how a change in demand has created unprecedented issues for egg producers who supplied the foodservice sector
Urner Barry egg market reporter covers the impact COVID-19 has had on retail prices and egg producers that tailor to the food service sector.
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PETA uses COVID-19 to further its agenda

The organization has written letters to multiple CEOs, explaining that COVID-19 is reason to stop producing livestock meat and restructure business models
PETA fails to address the fact that you cannot get COVID-19 from meat and instead of addressing concern for the employees who are considered essential, they tried to further the organization's agenda.
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FDA provides flexibility to Egg Safety Rule during COVID-19

While maintaining the safety of eggs, the FDA has made temporary guidelines that will help farmers producing eggs normally sold for foodservice and processing the option to sell their product on retail shelves
Due to the increase in egg demand because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the FDA has made temporary guidelines to maximize producers marketing options, while still maintaining the principles of food safety and best practices.
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CFO of Cal-Maine addresses egg market during COVID-19

Egg prices are incredibly high due to the increase in demand related to COVID-19; Max Bowman of Cal-Maine addresses the situation and what he projects will come next
COVID-19 has increased the sale of retail eggs, but how long will it last and what long-term impact will it have?
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UK’s Noble Foods launches egg products foodservice brand

Adopting a new brand, The Great British Egg Co., for its foodservice division will help Noble Foods to raise visibility with clients and is part of a greater push into new product development.
UK company Noble Foods launches its first brand in the foodservice sector, bringing its foodservice offerings under one name helping to build recognition.
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3 ways automation could improve hatchery operations

New robotic technologies offer increased efficiency, reliability and better working conditions.
Robotic and other automated technologies could be key to resolving the operational challenges faced by hatcheries, including labor shortages, worker compliance and consistent job satisfaction, that can negatively affect health, well-being and workplace safety.
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Iowa State opens new poultry teaching and research farm

The new Robert T. Hamilton Poultry Teaching and Research Farm cost nearly $7 million and was made possible solely through private funding.
The new Robert T. Hamilton Poultry Teaching and Research Farm includes dedicated spaces for teaching and research and a welcome area where visitors can see firsthand examples of Iowa egg production systems and learn about Iowa egg production.
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