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16 innovations to change poultry production

Poultry Tech Summit 2018 scoured the R&D and entrepreneurial world for the next tech breakthroughs that will cut production costs, speed processes and improve quality.
The first-ever Poultry Tech Summit brought together tech innovators, venture capitalists and poultry companies from 20 countries to triangulate on the next generation of technology that will solve problems and open new opportunities in poultry production.
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Novogen celebrates 10 years of growth

Driven by increasing farm sizes and the rise of alternative systems, the layer selection specialist, established 10 years ago, now emerges as a major market player.
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Hendrix Genetics gets grant to aid Africa poultry sector

Under the grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Hendrix Genetics will co-invest to develop breeds tailored for Africa
Hendrix Genetics has been awarded a multi-year grant by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to improve poultry production in Africa.
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FFAR offers $6 million for in-ovo sexing solution

Egg-Tech Prize program seeks to revolutionize egg production, improving animal welfare and saving billions of dollars
The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) plans to offer as much as $6 million in prizes for the development of technologies that can accurately and quickly determine the gender of layer chick eggs before they hatch, also known as in-ovo sexing.
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Hy-Line do Brasil awarded compartmentalization status

This is the first layer genetics company to earn this achievement awarded by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply. Seara Alimentos also got the recognition.
Compartmentalization was established by the OIE in an effort to ensure security of supply to customers during a disease outbreak in a country.
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