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APHIS: Restricting poultry’s outdoor access advised

Administrators of certification programs that call for outdoor access have been advised of the current avian influenza situation and could make adjustments to their requirements

Restricting birds' access to the outdoors is advisable at a time when avian influenza has been detected in the United States, if certification programs will allow it, the country's chief veterinary officer said.

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Gene edited mice could be key to ending male chick culls

The lack of ability to sex birds in ovo is a major welfare and economic concern for the layer industry.

Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute and the University of Kent used the gene editing technology CRISPR/Cas9 to create female-only and male-only mice litters. The findings could provide a genetic solution for the male chick layer dilemma.

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Split-feeding could improve layer sustainability, ROI

The feeding strategy matches nutrient requirements with time of day.

A feeding strategy that matches laying hens’ nutrient intake to time of day could result in improvements to eggshell quality, increase the number of eggs produced and have a positive impact on the sustainability of the poultry industry.

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8 steps to effectively compost poultry

University of Maryland’s Dr. Gary Felton offers his cookbook for proper composting

Composting has proven to be a convenient, affordable, socially acceptable and environmentally acceptable way to dispose of poultry carcasses, but in order to be effective and biosecure, there is a certain “cookbook” that poultry producers should follow.

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Keel bone fractures found more common in small layers

The University of Copenhagen conducted a study concerning prevalence of keel bone fractures in layers in relation to bird and egg size.

After investigating prevalence of keel bone fractures in Danish layer hens, researchers at the University of Copenhagen believe fractures are coming from an internal source.

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France, UK declare freedom from avian flu

While avian influenza cases in poultry have declined across Europe in recent months, new cases in have been confirmed in Belgium, Kosovo and Poland.

Earlier outbreak series of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) affecting poultry appear to have been resolved in France and the United Kingdom (U.K.). While the rate of new outbreaks has declined sharply in poultry across Europe in recent months, new cases in poultry have been confirmed in Belgium, Kosovo and Poland.

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