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New Technologies


Can poultry data be mined for value?

The devil is in the details.

Integrated poultry operations recognize that data-driven production is the future. Data, however, has the potential to inform or overwhelm producers with more information and make it harder, not easier to act.  

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Split-feeding could improve layer sustainability, ROI

The feeding strategy matches nutrient requirements with time of day.

A feeding strategy that matches laying hens’ nutrient intake to time of day could result in improvements to eggshell quality, increase the number of eggs produced and have a positive impact on the sustainability of the poultry industry.

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Could robots replace hourly employees in cage-free houses?

A robotic technology that can pick up floor eggs, measure microclimates and more could be the answer to the well-known labor increase in cage-free layer houses.

Colin Usher presented a robotic technology to reduce labor and potential contamination opportunities in broiler breeder and cage-free table egg layer houses.

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Is the future of poultry farming hybrid?

Experts discuss the benefits and challenges of artificial intelligence, robotics and cell cultured meat.

During the virtual Animal AgTech Summit, experts discussed whether artificial intelligence, robotics and cultured meat are the future of poultry farming. 

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