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New Technologies

Bioenergy DevCo AgriRecycle anaerobic digestion facility mock up.

Anaerobic digestion tackles the mess of poultry waste

Bioenergy DevCo, Perdue Farms partner on AgriRecycle composting facility
Bioenergy DevCo, a global developer of sustainable waste processing plants, will take over management of Perdue Farms’ AgriRecycle poultry waste composting facility located in Seaford, Delaware, according to a deal announced November 21.
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Disrupters collaborate, the disrupted wait and watch

Developing and implementing game-changing technologies for the poultry industry requires collaboration between producers, entrepreneurs, financiers and inventors.
Learn how collaboration is critical for the development and implementation of disruptive technologies for the poultry industry.
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Find out what’s next for the poultry industry

A new newsletter from WATT Global Media covers the intersection of technology and consumer trends.
Advances in big data analytics, artificial intelligence, gene editing and other new technologies are changing how poultry are raised – and even bigger innovations are on the horizon.
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