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Cedrob responds to Poland’s growing chicken grilling trend

As more people in Poland are grilling chicken, Cedrob and seasoning company Prymat develop pre-cooked product, using technology never used before in the country
The grilling of chicken products in Poland is an increasingly popular trend, so the country’s largest poultry company has teamed up with a leading seasoning company to introduce a product line to make grilling easier.
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Cooks Venture plants silvopasture at poultry farms

The combination of trees, pasture and forage can help improve land health and increase carbon sequestration.
Cooks Venture has planted more than 21,100 hazelnut and fruit trees throughout their network of pasture-raised poultry farms in northwest Arkansas, advancing the company’s commitment to regenerative agriculture.
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BRF-funded study identifies 109 mutations in COVID-19 virus

The research is one of several projects funded by a company initiative to combat the pandemic.
Research at the Universidade do Vale do Taquari - Univates in Lajeado in Brazil has revealed more than 100 genetic mutations in the SARS-CoV virus. The findings could lead to the development of drugs and other treatments against COVID-19.
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