News and analysis for the global poultry industry.

New Technologies


Digital technologies can streamline turbulent supply chains

Artificial intelligence can forecast production outputs, determine the best feed costs and optimize output and productivity.
The poultry industry has had to adapt, react and optimize in reaction to several recent market shifts recently, including COVID-19. ​​​​Digital technologies could help the poultry supply chain plan for the future.
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Cutting ABs in poultry production fostering innovation

Different countries are at different stages in their journey to antibiotic-free poultry production or production with prudent use, but common to all are new ways of working and flock management.
Adoption of prudent use and antibiotic free poultry production is progressing at varying speeds around the world and bringing with it new approaches to protecting poultry gut health.
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Metabolic research could lead to faster chick growth

The findings could also lead to better treatments for diseases linked to high fat diets.
Researchers at the University of Maryland are studying the metabolism and liver function of embryonic chickens and hatchlings, which could result in new strategies that could improve the efficiency of poultry production and provide insights into both human and poultry health.
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