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Digital technologies can streamline turbulent supply chains

Artificial intelligence can forecast production outputs, determine the best feed costs and optimize output and productivity.
The poultry industry has had to adapt, react and optimize in reaction to several recent market shifts recently, including COVID-19. ​​​​Digital technologies could help the poultry supply chain plan for the future.
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Foster Farms faces $181,500 in COVID-related fines

Citations issued to company for alleged violations at poultry plant and distribution center in Livingston, California
Foster Farms has been cited by the California Division of Occupational Health and Safety (Cal/OSHA) for allegedly not protecting its workers from COVID-19.
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April meat retail sales stabilize as COVID concerns subside

Demand is still above normal, however well below the numbers seen at the height of the pandemic.
Meat department sales spiked 35.4% above year ago levels in April 2020, creating a tough year-over-year target. That means, when going up against those sales spikes, meat dropped further behind year-ago levels than other perimeter departments, including produce, deli and bakery.
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