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Colombia set to export chicken to the U.S. and Japan

The National Poultry Producers Federation and Colombian poultry companies have been working hard to be able to export, a road not cleared of a few obstacles.
Colombian poultry producers have worked hard in the past few years and they want to be ready to start exporting chicken in 2021.
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US sees surge of poultry exports to Cuba

Increased demand for U.S. chicken appears to be connected to more money to spend
While Cuba has in recent years been one of the largest destination for U.S. poultry exports, the country’s demand for such products has seen a huge uptick since late 2020.
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Biden will differ from Trump on international trade

The new administration will look to re-establish international leadership in international organizations and relationships with allies. It must make quick decisions on trade with China.
A new president will shape a different, less combative foreign trade policy during his term, according to a former top agricultural diplomat.
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Cherkizovo Q1

MHP maintains steady poultry production in 2020

Despite challenges brought on by avian influenza and COVID-19, Ukrainian company slightly increases production for full year
Poultry production for MHP remained mostly stable in 2020, despite a disruption to production in February and March due to avian influenza outbreaks in the Ukraine.
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Cherkizovo Q1

The pillars of Brazil’s chicken export ability

During the Latin American Poultry Summit, ABPA's CEO explained the foundation of Brazil's chicken meat export capabilities that other Latin American nations could follow.
Brazil is the world's largest poultry exporter, with 4.2 million metric tons (mt) exported in 2020 to more than 150 destinations worldwide.
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JBS glass front

China lifts ban on shipments from 3 Brazil plants

Two JBS plants and one Aurora plant have been cleared to export products to China
Shipments to China from two JBS plants and one Aurora Alimentos plant in Brazil can resume after a ban on products from those plants was lifted. The ban was implemented in 2020 over COVID-19-related concerns.
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