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Cherkizovo aims to add value to Chinese poultry exports

Russia is presently China's third largest poultry supplier, but Cherkizovo wants that ranking to rise
While Russia has successfully expanded its exports of poultry meat to China, leading poultry integrator Cherkizovo Group is taking a new approach to the trade in order to develop exports further.
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Tyson in talks to resume plant’s China export eligibility

Chinese government in June suspended imports of products processed at Tyson Foods poultry plant in Springdale, Arkansas
Tyson Foods has been actively communicating with the governments of the United States and China in hopes that one of its poultry plants in Springdale, Arkansas, will regain eligibility to export products to China.
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Pilgrim’s Pride reports double-digit export growth

Opening of China market, strong demand in southeast Asia help export volumes grow 12% and export revenues grow 15%
The first half of 2020 has been a productive one for Pilgrim’s Pride in terms of exports, as the company through the first two quarters saw its export volumes grow 12% and export revenues grow 15%.
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