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Trouw opens new Poultry Health and Nutrition Unit in Spain

Offering simulated climates and the latest technology, the addition to Trouw Nutrition’s Poultry Science Centre aims to work with poultry producers to raise output and sustainably.

A new research unit established by Trouw Nutrition will help farmers to feed flocks highly specific diets, raising output while reducing the need to administer antibiotics.

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Boy in India dies from avian influenza

Eleven-year-old child from a state where virus not thought to be circulating dies from H5N1 infection.
While avian influenza has not proved to be the threat to human health once feared, the death of a boy in India sees that country join the list of those unfortunate enough to have recorded human AI fatalities.
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ASF re-emergence in Americas a warning to all

African swine fever has returned to the Americas after an absence of almost 40 years. Should the poultry industry be worried?
The re-emergence of African swine fever in the Dominican Republic is a warning to all animal protein producers to never let biosecurity lapse.
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