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Terrence O'Keefe

Terrence O'Keefe

Terrence O'Keefe is editor of Egg Industry and content director at WATT Global Media. To contact O'Keefe, email


Egg producers: Less than half of US hens will be cage free in 2025

Many major foodservice and retail outlets have pledged to switch to 100 percent cage-free egg purchases by 2025, but not many are setting interim benchmarks to get there.
Learn why U.S. egg producers think less than half of U.S. hens will be housed cage free in 2025, despite future cage-free egg purchase pledges from most major retail and foodservice egg buyers.
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3 key factors impacting 2019 US poultry industry profits

Record US animal protein production, slower economic growth, and ample supplies of corn and soybeans all figure to play major roles in determining whether 2019 is profitable for US poultry and egg producers.
Will record red meat and poultry production in the U.S. coupled with the potential for slower economic growth and higher corn prices result in losses for U.S. poultry producers in 2019?
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