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Terrence O'Keefe

Terrence O'Keefe

Terrence O'Keefe is editor of Egg Industry and content director at WATT Global Media. To contact O'Keefe, email



Whether right or wrong, what the customer thinks matters

Consumers may not really understand what GMOs are or why some food is gluten free but successful food companies will need to give consumers what they want anyway.
The customer is always right, even if they are wrong. Over 60% of U.S. consumers say that they avoid food products containing GMOs, but many of these consumers who are concerned about GMOs don’t actually know what GMOs are, reported Steve Lerch, president, Story Arc Consulting. He told the audience at the 2020 Annual Meat Conference in Nashville, Tenn., on March 2, 2020, that even if consumers are wrong, what they think matters.
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Additional cage-free hens increase total US hen flock

Even with passage of legislation calling for cage-free hen housing passing in 6 states, US egg producers still predict that more than half of the US hens will be in cages in 2025.
Exclusive survey of U.S. egg producers reveals plans for future hen housing and estimates for cage-free housing conversions.
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New methods for sanitizing and pasteurizing shell eggs

A microwave system for pasteurizing table eggs and an egg sanitizing system utilizing hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light may provide options for reducing food safety risks.
Learn about new techniques for microwave pasteurization of shell eggs and hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light for sanitizing egg shells.
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Disrupters collaborate, the disrupted wait and watch

Developing and implementing game-changing technologies for the poultry industry requires collaboration between producers, entrepreneurs, financiers and inventors.
Learn how collaboration is critical for the development and implementation of disruptive technologies for the poultry industry.
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