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Terrence O'Keefe

Terrence O'Keefe

Terrence O'Keefe is editor of Egg Industry and content director at WATT Global Media. To contact O'Keefe, email


Foolish poultry products price-fixing lawsuits continue

These lawsuits, and some of the popular press coverage about them, point out the lack of economics education in the US.
The lawsuits against broiler producers use the decisions made, based on excessive losses at past production levels, to produce more or less chicken meat since the Great Recession to spin a tale of collusion and price fixing.
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US cage-free transition means more price volatility

Analyst says increased cost of cage-free production will reduce US egg exports and lead to greater price volatility for producers.

If the cage-free transition takes place in the U.S. but not in the rest of the world, then the U.S. egg market would become more isolated and supply fluctuations would have a greater impact on egg price because of lost export markets.

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Innovators: The poultry industry needs your ideas

Innovation has been the cornerstone of the success and growth of the poultry industry. The Poultry Tech Summit will bring innovators and investors together to accelerate technology transfer to the industry.
The Poultry Tech Summit is being launched this year to make sure that more of innovative ideas get an opportunity to be seen by the people who can use them and make sure they get to market.
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10 takeaways from the 2018 Power of Meat survey

Retail food shopper survey provides actionable insights into consumer desires and behavior for retailers, poultry producers and meat processors.
The 2018 Power of Meat survey of retail food shopper provides actionable insights into consumer desires and behavior for retailers, poultry producers and meat processors.
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No antibiotics ever not good for poultry welfare standards

Global Animal Partnership standards require no antibiotics ever, which creates a potential conflict between the program and bird welfare.
The Global Animal Partnership standard that requires no antibiotics ever rearing for poultry creates a potential conflict between bird welfare and treated birds and removing their meat or eggs from the program.
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Top US egg producer rankings for 2018: Cage-free surplus

The rush of cage-free egg future purchase pledges in 2016 led to rapid expansion of cage-free production and a surplus of cage-free eggs in 2017.
The number of hens housed cage-free in the U.S., excluding organic, has increased from 8.5 million in 2014 to 29.0 million in 2017, a 241 percent increase, according to USDA estimates.
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Egg producers predict that cages won’t go away by 2025

U.S. egg producers responding to the Top Egg Company Survey predict that over half of U.S. hens will still be housed in cages in 2025.

As part of Egg Industry magazine’s annual Top Egg Company Survey, egg producers were asked their opinion of how U.S. laying hens will be housed in 2025. Twenty five egg producers, who currently house 144 million hens, answered this question. The average of the 25 predictions was that 52.6 percent of hens would be housed in conventional cages, 2 percent would be in enriched cages and 45.4 percent would be housed cage-free. The predictions for the percentage of hens in conventional cage housing in 2025 range from 15 to 85 percent. The predictions for the percentage of U.S. hens that will be housed cage-free in 2025 range from 14 to 80 percent, and the predictions for enriched cage housing ranged from 0 to 10 percent.

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