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US poultry faces ‘Trump factor,’ anti-trade sentiment

Trade has become a dirty, five-letter word for U.S. consumers, says Jim Sumner, president of the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council, and this could hurt U.S. efforts to restore poultry trade with China.
Anti-trade sentiment among U.S. voters – fanned by rhetoric in the 2016 presidential campaign – could work to disrupt U.S. efforts to restore trade with China in chicken leg quarters and paws, according to Jim Sumner, president, USA Poultry & Egg Export Council.
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US poultry exports making remarkable recovery in 2016

The U.S. poultry industry has recovered much faster than expected in 2016 from the most devastating loss ever in trade in poultry and eggs due to last year’s highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) outbreaks.
The U.S. poultry industry has recovered much faster than expected in 2016 from the most devastating loss ever in trade in poultry and eggs due to last year's highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) outbreaks.
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Retail chicken complex next Sanderson Farms project?

Flush with cash and debt free, Sanderson Farms would likely build a tray-pack chicken plant next, but might an acquisition be in the cards?
A fifth retail tray-pack chicken processing complex might the next construction project for a debt-free and flush-with-cash Sanderson Farms.
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Is Sanderson Farms poised for big earnings in 2017?

Are Sanderson Farms – and other U.S. chicken producers – poised for a big jump in earnings in 2017?
While Sanderson Farms executives stopped short of making any earnings prediction at the Stephens Spring 2016 Investor Conference, their outlook had at least one analyst envisioning strong profitability in the year ahead.
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US poultry industry must lead responsible antibiotic use

The U.S. poultry industry needs to assume a leadership role in defining responsible use of antibiotics in food production animals, according to the University of Minnesota’s Dr. Randall Singer.
The U.S. poultry industry can take the lead in defining responsible use of antibiotics in broiler and turkey production and should exert leadership to do so, according to the University of Minnesota’s Dr. Randall Singer.
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Have US broiler chicken weights hit their ceiling?

Larger-than-ideal sizes in chicken parts and a problem with “woody breast” syndrome causes U.S. chicken producers to reassess the upward trend in bird weights.
Live weights of broiler chickens produced by the U.S. poultry industry have hit the ceiling imposed by customer requirements, according to Sanderson Farms CEO Joe Frank Sanderson, Jr.
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Poultry processors pushing back on OSHA inspections

U.S. poultry processors, at the crosshairs of wall-to-wall OSHA ergonomics inspections, are pushing back in court and seeking limits in the inspection process.

U.S. poultry processors are in the crosshairs of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’ s (OSHA) ergonomics enforcement programs, and one poultry industry safety manager has likened it to being under siege by the federal agency.

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Campylobacter Salmonella

US poultry processors face new pathogen standards

U.S. poultry processors are bracing for tough, new Salmonella and Campylobacter performance standards for chicken parts and comminuted poultry products, as the Obama administration is in its final months.
USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) will begin applying new, tougher performance standards for Salmonella and Campylobacter for comminuted poultry products and chicken parts on July 1. However, regulatory verification and sampling requirements and punitive measures for not meeting the standards are causing as much industry consternation as the performance standards themselves.
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The new Tyson Foods is built for growth

Tyson Foods has “advantaged brands in advantaged categories” and investors can expect to see the company grow 1.5 times the category growth.
Tyson Foods CEO Donnie Smith punctuated his opening remarks in the second quarter 2016 earnings call by reeling off a dozen or more key performance superlatives now being enjoyed by the company since the acquisition of Hillshire Brands, and he concluded, “Through a game-changing acquisition and continuous improvement, Tyson Foods is a different company.”
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Foodservice, retail grocers to discuss chicken trends

Foodservice and retail grocers will discuss chicken marketing trends in a panel session at the National Chicken Council Chicken Marketing Summit 2016, July 10-12.
Some of the nation's leading foodservice and retail grocers will participate in a panel discussion about chicken marketing trends at the National Chicken Council's Chicken Marketing Summit 2016, July 10-12.
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How to manage poultry feed ingredient changes

Balancing feed ingredient cost, quality and production efficiency requires coordination among the poultry nutritionist, ingredient purchaser and feed mill manager.
Managing feed ingredient changes in the integrated poultry complex requires teamwork among the nutritionist, the purchasing manager and the feed mill manager, said Amy Batal, Sanderson Farms, at the USPOULTRY Feed Mill Management Seminar.
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