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Treating pigs with water dosage pumps

Water dosage pumps can deliver medicines, organic acids, and vitamins to pigs of all classes with precision and efficiency.
Drinking water is used with increasing frequency to administer medications, vaccines, organic acids, and vitamins at many pig farms to insure accurate distribution and reduce heterogeneity in consumption.
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Sierad: meeting market demand for poultry and feed in Indonesia

From its humble beginnings in 1985, Sierad Produce has grown into a major player in Indonesia’s poultry and feed markets.
Launched in 1985 in Indonesia as a poultry breeding farm, Sierad Produce has grown steadily over the last quarter century, and its growth within the poultry and feed markets doesn’t appear to be slowing anytime soon. Sierad Produce now consists of a fully integrated poultry production operation, including three feed mills of impressive scope.
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Feed safety

Producing secure feed in 2012 and beyond

Founded in the midst of the mad cow disease crisis that shook Europe in the early part of the 21st century, a decade later Alifel Feed shows there is still value in maintaining secure production.
The Alifel feed plant produced its first commercial ton on January 25, 2002, and was conceived and built during what the French used to call “the second BSE (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy) crisis.” In general, the early 2000s was an overwhelming period for food security and bans – the big “food fears” period. It was really a “no” period – no raw material from animals, no Salmonella and no antibiotics as feed additives.
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Benefiq, feed producer Proconco work to create safe pig production in Vietnam

One French company is using its knowledge to create an infrastructure for safe pig production in Vietnam, beginning with a local partnership to ensure feed quality.
With about 30 million pigs, pig production in Vietnam ranks approximately fifth internationally. However, production is mainly organized in small farms with a maximum of three to four sows. And while larger pig farms are beginning to appear, a lack of safety standards is a problem; last year, more than 4 million pigs from the Dong Nai province had to be slaughtered as a result of an outbreak of blue ear disease.
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FEFAC: fighting to keep EU animal feed regulations in line

Patrick Vanden Avenne, president of the European Feed Manufacturers' Federation, discusses the challenges and opportunities the European animal feed industry is facing.
Between GMOs, dioxins and a feed ban of animal proteins, animal feed is still a hot spot for the European Commission and the European Parliament. For GMOs, what is at stake is to make the EU layman understand that the presence in imported feed materials (e.g. soybean meal or corn gluten feed) of GM products not yet authorized in the EU may be controlled and minimized but cannot be completely avoided.
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Feed Technology

Tecaliman: working to stop cross-contamination in animal feed

The French feed research center proposes a way for feed producers to measure carryover. However, its work isn’t ending there.
Assessing the level of carryover in a feed production line has been an ongoing challenge for the feed industry, as feed producers have needed a reliable and reproducible method for measuring carryover. Recently, the French feed research center Tecaliman developed such a method, which has been recognized as efficient and has been adopted by European official agencies.  
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Lesaffre presents symposium on pig nutrition

The benefits for pig health of live yeast in feed were highlighted.
After a first symposium dedicated to ruminant in 2010, Lesaffre chose this year to focus on pig nutrition, specifically “the benefits of live yeast in pig feed or how nutrition helps to improve health." Presentations ranged from very fundamental data regarding microbial interface in the gastrointestinal tract of animals such as that presented by Andrew van Kessel from Saskatchewan University; immune links between digestive, pulmonary and mammary mucosal immune responses to improve protection against the pathogen, presented by Henri Salmon, Inra; to very practical day-to-day actions to be taken on farms either in Czech Republic or in France, as presented by Jan Bernardy, Czech Republic and Philippe Le Coz, France.
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Securing fish, pig supply chains to increase market share in Vietnam

Anova Corp. animal health company is banking on growth by supplying traceable and healthy pig and fish products.
After two decades of strong performance in the animal health sector, Vietnam-based Anova Corporation has a new goal: to be the first Vietnamese company to offer consumers completely traceable and healthy pig and fish products. In a country that is fraught with fragmented supply chains and questionable feed and production practices, Anova’s goal might appear to be impossible. However, Anova CIO David Serene has a plan; pull from resources inside Anova and from partner companies.
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Energy savings not a dream

French feed manufacturers cut energy costs 20% over the past two decades with opportunities to gain more.
French feed manufacturers cut energy costs 20% over the past two decades with opportunities to gain more.
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