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Eduardo Cervantes López

Eduardo Cervantes López is an international consultant based in Colombia. He can be contacted at or via



Collaboration is key in successful poultry processing

The various broiler processing operations must be seen as a whole to function optimally, with individual managers as much concerned by what comes next as their immediate area of responsibility.

Fostering a spirit of collaboration from preslaughter through to product dispatch can help to ensure that poultry processing plants maximize their output.

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Avoiding common pitfalls in poultry processing monitoring

Monitoring and evaluation are important to ensure that broiler processing plants run efficiently, but those responsible must be suitable for the roles that they perform.

Supervisors, consultants and auditors have important roles to play in poultry processing plants, but if they don’t perform properly, they are simply wasting time and resources.

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Why poultry processors should share staff knowledge

Training is an essential part of any business. Looking to current staff to share knowledge can better prepare new employees.
Poultry processing plant workers have learnt from hands-on experience. Sharing this knowledge with new hires can help to ensure that new staff members are well prepared for their new roles in the plant.
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