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Stuart Lumb

Stuart Lumb has over 40 years of experience in the livestock industry. He travels worldwide, visiting farms and feed mills for stories plus reports on major trade fairs. Stuart Lumb is a UK-based freelance writer. He can be reached at


Case Study

Reduced antibiotic consumption in Danish pig production yields positive results

Adoption of rigorous husbandry protocols effective in cutting post-weaning mortality in swine
Back in the 1960s and 1970s, when pig production started to intensify, producers in many countries used the easy way out to control disease problems in their pigs, by simply medicating feed with cocktails of various antibiotics. The Danes have always had a responsible attitude to pig production and, with respect to medication, were even very careful about what went into their pig feeds 50 years ago. Furthermore, researchers wishing to medicate feeds had to have their protocols cleared at the highest level.
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China pursuing self-sufficient pig production

If China’s current moves to upgrade the quantity and quality of pig production are successful, its demand for pork imports could fall.
Pork and China are inextricably linked in the minds of many Westerners – not only is pig meat known to be an essential part of the Chinese diet, the country also provides a vital market for the international pig industry.
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New pig odor control technologies for intensive swine units

Ventilation systems and air cleaning equipment combat manure odor, exceed air regulations.
Controlling pig odors is becoming more important as swine units are getting bigger and are being built closer to urban populations. International pig researchers and equipment manufactures are focusing on developing the most effective air ventilation and emission control methods possible to combat foul manure odors and meet anti-air pollution regulations.
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Healthy outlook for Vietnam’s poultry and egg production

Official forecasts suggest demand will at least double as prosperity rises.
Vietnam’s demand for poultry meat is expected triple by 2020, while demand for eggs is set to double. The forecast, released by the Agriculture Ministry’s Department of Livestock Production, reflects Vietnam’s increasing population and rising living standards.
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Pig Health

PRRS, porcine epidemic diarrhea ravage Thai pig industry

Pig diseases and several PRRS strains are decimating Thai swine herds.
The Thai pig industry is dealing with outbreaks of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea and Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, PRRS, as well as recent floods in Bangkok and surrounding areas. While the flood waters have receded, the aftermath of pig diseases are decimating Thai pig herds.
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Pig-feed-chart 1203PIGpigfinishing1

UK pig finishing facility upgraded with U.S. equipment

JSR Genetics looks across the Atlantic to expand business and meet growing demand for pig breeding stock.
JSR Genetics Ltd., imported pig finishing equipment from the United States for its new state-of-the-art fully slatted and totally enclosed 8,100-place wean-to-finish UK facility, Decoy Farm at a cost of £2.1million.
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Focusing on the local feed market in Thailand

Thai Foods Group is finding success not by competing with the country’s big players that are expanding internationally, but by taking a different route entirely – concentrating on winning market share solely in Thailand.
For many people connected with the Thai livestock industry, Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP group) and BetaGro are considered the key players. They have substantial market share in Thailand, plus both companies are expanding abroad.
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Vietnam’s pig farmers face productivity challenges

Increased pork demand is forcing the Vietnam pig sector to expand.
Vietnam is projected to have an on-farm pig inventory of almost 35 million in 2020, producing around 3.5 million metric tons of pig meat per year, according to Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, MARD. Data from MARD presented at the 2011 Vietstock exhibition in Vietnam, indicates that national pork production of less than 1.5 million metric tons liveweight in 2000 had grown dramatically to 2.3 million tons in 2005 and approached 3 million tons for the first time in 2010.
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Vietnam broiler breeder farm helps respond to local demand

With incomes rising, Vietnam’s consumers want more meat. A government-funded broiler breeder farm is helping to satisfy local demand.
The result of a US$2 billion government investment, the Phuoc Toc broiler breeder farm, is located in Ba Ria in Vietnam’s Vung Tau province and some 60 miles north of Ho Chi Minh City. While Vietnam may still be a Communist country, it has a rapidly growing capitalist industrial base, leading to rising living standards.
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Asian pig farmer 1201PIGasiawelfare1

Asian pig producers focus on welfare, health improvements

The Asian pig sector is adopting Western standards to satisfy consumer demands for welfare friendly and organic pork.
 Asian pig producers are taking the lead from European and American pig farmers and are focusing on improving animal welfare conditions and limiting antibiotic use in livestock. 
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