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EU pig producers struggle to meet 2013 gestation sow stall deadline

Experts predict sow decreases in Western Europe and fewer medium- to small-sized pig farms.
Pig producers across Europe are facing stark choices as they approach the 2013 deadline for EU curbs on the use of gestation sow stalls, as well as a raft of new welfare regulations and environmental constraints due to be enforced in several European countries over the next few years.
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North America’s pig producers surviving difficult market

The swine industry in the US and Canada may be contracting, but producers are adopting various strategies to grow the market.
North American pig producers are certainly not immune to the hardships that have been affecting the industry in other parts of the world for some time now and that look set to continue through the rest of 2011.Statistics published by the US Department of Agriculture towards the end of 2010 revealed that the US pig herd was still in a worrying “phase of contraction”, although it predicted that this phase did appear to be slowing.
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Controlling PCV2 and other major pig diseases

The EU looks to training and cooperation to maintain herd health, stop outbreaks.
Outbreaks of disease in the world’s growing livestock sector present significant potential costs – at the farm level through losses in production and productivity, and at the national level by disruption to markets and international trade, warns Professor David Leaver, former head of the Royal Agricultural College in the UK. “Climate change is likely to increase the spread of vector-borne diseases and parasites with higher temperatures and variable precipitation resulting in new diseases and/or disease occurrences in new locations,” he said, speaking at a London conference organized by the National Office of Animal Health earlier this year. 
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How one pig producer is profiting from biogas production

Cooperation may be the answer for farmers seeking to make money and invest in renewable energy.
Since 2002, Danish pig producer Jens Peter Lunden has been making a profit by operating a GrønGas A/S biogas plant. Lunden sells off the excess heat generated by the anaerobic digestion plant to a nearby district heating company, generates electricity for the National Grid, and also reduces his farm’s carbon footprint. 
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Victam International 2011 relocates to Germany, joins two other feed shows

FIAAP International, GRAPAS join Victam International in Cologne for the first time.
 Held simultaneously for the first time, Victam International, FIAAP International and GRAPAS trade shows are opening together in Cologne, Germany, May 3-5, 2011.Rising costs and doubts about the availability of some raw materials are causing concern among feed manufacturers, processors and producers around the world, and the market shows no signs of calming down yet. 
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VIV Russia 2011 offers access to expanding poultry, pig markets

The region is poised for growth as Russia increases its domestic meat production.
Because Russia’s agricultural policies are aimed at achieving more growth and higher self-sufficiency levels, pig and poultry producers, processors and feed manufacturers are looking for the latest technology and machinery to help them hit the government’s ambitious meat production targets. In spite of recent economic difficulties, the Russian government is heavily investing in agricultural development programmes.
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Danish pig industry optimistic despite challenges

Producers investing in research and development to make sector more profitable.
Denmark’s pig producers are aware that they must change their production methods and continue to improve animal welfare conditions if they are to meet consumer demands and impending legislation. Despite the challenge, they remain optimistic and have a positive view of the future despite facing a year full of uncertainties.
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Another positive year for Malaysia’s broiler producers

Across livestock production, Malaysia’s broiler producers are seen as the most successful, but the sector is not free from threats.
Evidence of the continued growth in Malaysia’s broiler chicken industry is expected to be revealed when the final 2009-2010 statistics are published – and observers are predicting that 2010 could be a bright year for the ex-farm price of chicken, as well as for profits, for the sector.
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