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Articles by Roger Abbott


Hen housing systems and egg safety

Studies into the safest way to house layers have yielded some surprising results.
As the debate over housing for layers and egg safety continues, the Poultry Science Association (PSA) has put its weight behind those calling for the need for further research. This comes as international pressure grows on the egg industry to shift from conventional cages to non-cage housing systems for layers.
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EU pig producers in profit despite disease outbreaks, environmental regulations

Decline in US pig production pushing up prices in the international market.
European pig producers are on the crest of favourable exchange rates and enjoying the benefits of good profitability after several years in the doldrums. However, industry experts’ advise that producers should invest profits in improving their businesses to secure their production basis before expanding their herds.
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Danish and UK pig farmers examine green energy expansion

Regional biogas grids can reduce pig producers’ carbon footprint and turn waste into an asset.
While Denmark is leading the way to allow pig producers to play a bigger role in biogas production to generate electricity and supplement the country’s national gas grid, producers in the UK are close behind in their desire to exploit nature’s resources to help them generate green power.
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Practical solutions for sustainable pig production

Food AnimaI Initiative helps pig farmers meet welfare and environmental demands and still make money.
A group of dedicated UK researchers-cum farmers have just a small herd of pigs, but the results of their studies into pig behaviour have already persuaded fast food giant McDonald’s to change its global advice to suppliers.
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JSR opens new UK weaning-to-finishing facility

Closely-monitored site designed to minimise labour and maintenance requirements.
After concentrating on improving its breeding herd for the past seven years, a UK pig breeding company, JSR Genetics, is turning its attention to growth rates and feeding efficiency with a new £2.1 million (US$3.3 million) 8,500-place pig weaning-to-finishing facility.
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Smaller-scale energy generation could be key for pig farmers

Less ambitious anaerobic digestion plants could be easier and simpler to adopt
A new £1.85-million (US$ 2.88 million) project looking at innovative ways to convert farm waste into energy in England could provide some good news for the small to medium-sized pig farmers around the world who want to invest in anaerobic digestion (AD) to generate green power and deal with slurry in an environmentally friendly way.
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2 Sisters strengthens global presence

The UK poultry concern’s purchase of Storteboom is part of greater ambitions.
UK-based poultry company, 2 Sisters Food Group, which already supplies a wide variety of products to retail, food service and manufacturing companies around the world, has acquired a new Dutch base to provide it with a platform to expand further into Central and Eastern Europe.
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European feed outlook strong, improving?

While European grain stocks are high, and GM sentiment may be improving, the year ahead may not be plain sailing.
While European grain stocks are high, and GM sentiment may be improving, the year ahead may not be plain sailing.
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