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Aidan Connolly

Aidan Connolly

Aidan Connolly is CEO of Cainthus, a startup focused on computer vision-based recognition systems for livestock, and president of Agritech Capital.


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Pandemic proof: The next challenge for the poultry industry

Seven suggestions to protect the industry from the next big infection.
The U.S. poultry industry has faced unprecedented challenges within our processing plants this year with COVID-19. It is not the only one. Shutdowns in Canada, Brazil, Australia, Ireland, Spain and more show that this is not an American problem, it is endemic to the process of producing safe and affordable food.
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How COVID-19 might reshape the poultry industry

The disruptions caused by the novel coronavirus are acting to speed up changes that were already occurring in poultry industry and that should result in a more resilient sector.
The disruptions wrought upon the poultry industry by COVID-19 will simply speed up fundamental changes that were already taking place.
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8 digital technologies to disrupt the turkey industry

Increasing competition from larger broilers and lower-cost, plant-based meat alternatives, turkey producers will have to embrace new technologies to improve efficiency and transparency to maintain market share.
Sensors, robots, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other digital technologies can make turkey producers competitive with other protein sources.
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Is artificial intelligence right for poultry production?

Artificial intelligence offers many promises to the poultry industry, but all these promises come with catches.
The promise of labor-saving, flawless decision-making, 24-hour-a-day monitoring, improved processing, predictive feed digestion and bird management is compelling to an industry struggling to hire experienced operatives, but all these promises come with catches.
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The future of pig production by 2025 is 2:1 feed conversion

Is it possible to achieve such dramatic reduction in feed conversion ratio by 2025? Yes, if we identify the causes that do not allow commercially raised pigs to reach their full genetic potential.
Imagine what could be achieved in pig production with 1.4 million tons of extra pig feed globally. That's the impact a 0.01 reduction in feed conversion rate would have on the industry.  The pig industry already has made a gradual genetic improvement over time on feed conversion rates: 6:1, 4:1, 3:1 and now 2.7:1.
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The 5 C's of modern marketing

A properly focused approach encourages animal protein producers to accept new feed technologies even during an economic downturn.
A properly focused approach encourages animal protein producers to accept new feed technologies even during an economic downturn.
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