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John Carr

Dr John Carr is a consultant swine veterinarian who has worked and taught throughout the world, and concentrates on maximising the kg meat finishing herd output.


pig insemination

Single fixed-time insemination of sows, a new trend

This is a new trend with many advantages over traditional artificial insemination that go beyond semen savings.
In simple terms, the successful artificial insemination of sows depends on the hygienic deposition of enough sperm at the appropriate time so as to have an adequate sperm reservoir in the oviduct at the time of ovulation. However, what is the optimal time of insemination?
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The benefits of more informed sow culling

With more informed decision making, pig producers can see an increase in profits
Culling a sow is one of the most important decisions aproducer can make. The first consideration should be if the welfare of the sowis compromised.  
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