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Articles by Julian Madeley


Egg producers place sustainability under the microscope

To achieve truly sustainable production, questions need to be asked along the entire egg production chain.
How can 9 billon people be fed and the planet maintained? This was the question asked at the IEC Prague 2010 Conference by Dr Jason Clay, the Senior Vice President of Market Transformation at the World Wildlife Fund. Dr Clay explained that globally we face an enormous challenge: “We have to figure out how to produce as much food in the next 40 years as we have in the last 8,000.”
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The power of eggs – producers can rise to future challenges

The egg industry is in a strong position to meet the world’s food needs, as delegates discovered at the recent IEC conference in Prague.
Egg industry leaders from around the world gathered together for the International Egg Commission’s (IEC) annual Marketing and Production Conference in September. Over 430 people attended the conference, which this year was held in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic.
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