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Rex Walters

Dr Rex Walters is an independent global genetic consultant based at Livestock Genetics Ltd.


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More commercial benefits on horizon as pig genome project nears completion

Information from the pig genome is already being used to help determine meat quality and litter size, and there could be much more in store.
As well as being the most important meat animal in the world, the pig is used as a model for human surgery, health studies and potential organ transplantation. As a result, the publication of the first draft of the pig genome in November 2009 heralded much interest in the world’s press.
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The role of pig genetics in global sustainability and responsibility

The pig industry has achieved a lot in reducing its climatic impact, and further improvements lie ahead.
Over the last decade there has been increasing interest in environmental issues, such as climate change and sustainability, and the pig industry has not been immune. A key player has been the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, IPPC, set up to assess technical, scientific and sociological impacts, including the role of agriculture in global warming.
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