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Articles by Emma Bellis


2 Sisters' strengths overcome tough UK poultry market

Customer focus and innovation are winning ways for the UK poultry processor.
Despite the tough UK economic climate, 2 Sisters Food Group, one of the country’s largest poultry processors, stands out as being fit to ride the storm. A report this year by Rabobank highlighting the inefficiency of the UK poultry industry singled out 2 Sisters Food Group for getting things right.
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Troubles persist for French poultry industry despite market growth

Faced with growing competition, the French poultry industry is struggling to respond to demand from its home and developing world markets.
French poultry production recovered slightly in 2010, by 1.8 % to 1.8 million metric tons, compared with the previous year, when production was down by 4.1%. Chicken production grew by 3.4% to 1.04 million mt, with duck production also up by 1.8%. Production of turkey, however, was down by 2.9%.  
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Are quality labels making their mark in the poultry industry?

Quality logos have been used since the 1960s to differentiate chicken and eggs and they are becoming increasingly prolific. Yet what value do they add for the producer and consumer?
Quality logos provide a level playing field for poultry producers in terms of standards of production and guarantees for the consumer about how and where the food has been produced
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