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Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith is a freelance writer specialising in lifescience and health and safety.



Pioneiro produtor de ovos do Reino Unido alcança o sucesso sustentado consumidor com a marca de qualidade

A pioneira em ar livre, galinhas Havensfield Happy continua empenhada para o setor, apesar das dificuldades no mercado de ovos.
Alaistaire e Fiona Brice têm vindo a produzir ovos de galinhas criadas em Birch Farm, em Suffolk, Reino Unido, há 16 anos. "Ovos Havensfield felizes" são bem conhecidos na área local e vêm de uma rede de fornecedores locais, incluindo o irmão Alaistaire de Simon, que foi o tema de nosso artigo "porco do Reino Unido e ovo produtor investe em fogo seguinte futuro." 
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Poultry farmers in UK facing conflicting forces

Despite growing home demand for locally-produced meat, and re-opening export markets, the UK poultry industry is not without its difficulties.
Demands for cheap meat from austere yet welfare-conscious domestic consumers, soaring input costs, falling carcass sizes and depressed imports all make for an interesting time for UK producers. But all is not doom and gloom, according to the National Farmers Union. 
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Malaysian egg market set for continued growth

Malaysia’s egg producers recorded higher output and exports in 2010, and initial estimates show the trend continuing through 2011.
Around 8.57 billion table eggs were produced in peninsular Malaysia in 2010 (up by 11.8% from 7.6 billion produced in 2009), making it one of the world’s largest producers. The trend is set to continue with 2011 projections coming in around 8.64 billion.
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Is the end in sight for avian influenza in the poultry industry?

Research in the UK could be the first step in ending the high costs suffered by the poultry industry as a result of bird flu.
Avian influenza could be stopped in its tracks by a new technique from researchers at the UK universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh. The scientists have successfully developed genetically modified (transgenic) chickens that cannot transmit avian influenza virus to other birds.
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