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Ag Partners LLC: the result of a winning partnership with Cargill

When a small progressive Iowa co-op entered into a joint venture with a division of the global powerhouse Cargill, few thought it would last. It has since proven that balancing private business and a cooperative spirit can really pay off.
In 1997, Alceco, a small animal feed cooperative based in Albert City, Iowa, and U.S. Ag Horizons, a division of the global agriculture company Cargill, created a joint venture. Together, the two formed Ag Partners LLC to offer local producers the best mix of resources from both companies. As part of the deal, each company kept its facilities in exchange for annual lease payments from the LLC. Both parent companies invested capital in the new company.
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Mineral nutrition for hyperprolific sows

Speaker W.H. Close discusses the realities of producing sows with 40 piglets at Alltech's symposium
The question of producing sows with 40 piglets, and the subsequent implication on trace mineral nutrition, was presented at the 2011 Alltech International Animal Health and Nutrition Industry Symposium in Lexington, Ky. “What do we mean by 40 piglets?” asked speaker W.H. Close of Close Consultancy.
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US corn consumption raises concerns

Ethanol production, feed consumption are having a big impact on the market
Current consumption of U.S. corn and soybeans is a great deal higher than industry analysts expected, according to Tim Brusnahan, vice president of Brock and Associates, speaking at the recent WATT Online Animal Forum: Feeding the Globe. The production of ethanol, together with several other factors, appears to be at the heart of current fluctuations in the feed ingredients market and as a result, in the livestock markets as well.
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