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Albert van Dijk

Dr. Albert van Dijk is registered as a “specialist, veterinary nutrition” at the Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association and has been closely involved in developing new products and solutions for swine. He is also group manager swine at Provimi in the Netherlands. He can be reached at


Pig Health

Piglet gut health linked to high feed intake

Post-weaned piglets have less intestinal damage with proper feed consumption levels.
Piglet gut health post-weaning research and growth performance is linked to high feed intakes, which keep pathogens at bay. Maintaining healthy piglet gut levels with antibiotics and zinc is not a option for pig farmers as these are methods are being regulated and phased out.  
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Gestating sows 1201PIGlegs1

Reducing sow lameness in group housing with nutrition

Sow gestation diets must have adequate calcium and phosphorus for strong bones.
One of the main health challenges in pig group housing systems is that sow leg problems become more apparent. Sows must be able to walk smoothly to reach the feeding trough or feeding station and escape from ranking fights.
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