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Market Data section expanded and improved

The mobile-friendly relaunch of includes several improved or new features.
The mobile-friendly relaunch of includes several improved or new features. These include exclusive market-related content and a revamped Market Data section.
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Antibiotic-free meat production now a marketing ploy

Consumer sentiment on antibiotic-free food is not changing as much as marketers are making people believe, National Pork Board consultant says
Antibioticresistance is not a new issue. There have been concerns about antibioticresistance since the late ‘60s, but in the last few years it has come to the forefront.  
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Pork industry ready for required antibiotic use changes

World Pork Expo attendees hear of how Veterinary Feed Directive will affect pig industry
Consumershave never been more interested in food and agriculture than today, and one ofthose concerns is antibiotic use in livestock production, according to Chris Hodges, CEO of the National Pork Board. 
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Producir pollos sin antibióticos requiere de planificar

Al tener a las principales cadenas de distribución de alimentos y a un número creciente de consumidores que piden la producción de pollo sin antibióticos, va en crecimiento la demanda de productos avícolas sin estos compuestos. Hay múltiples factores,...
Hace unos años, el pollo sin antibióticos se consideraba como un mercado de nicho, pero hoy en día, esto está cambiado rápidamente.
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Producing chicken without antibiotics requires a plan

With major food chains and increasing numbers of consumers looking for chicken raised without antibiotics, the demand for antibiotic free poultry is growing. Multiple factors, including maintaining good gut health, go into a successful antibiotic-free...
Consumerdemand for chicken raised without antibiotics is causing major U.S. poultryproducers to rethink their use of antibiotics in poultry production and theimportance of poultry gut health. 
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Antibiotic-free chicken now in consumer mainstream

The increasing consumer demand for antibiotic-free chicken and the industry’s response was the topic of a panel discussion sponsored by DuPont during IPPE 2015
Antibiotic-free broiler products are no longer a niche market. The event that brought the issue into the mainstream was actually several years ago when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Medical Association turned antibiotic use in animals into a human health issue. That was the opinion expressed by Richard Kottmeyer, a consumer industry analyst with Strategic, at the beginning of the discussion. 
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Feeding poultry diet high in DHA can help improve human health

Alltech registered dietician nutritionist says diets enriched with microalgae can help produced DHA-enriched eggs and chicken meat
Chickenand egg producers have the capability to produce products that will helpimprove human health and doing so will give them a competitive advantage. Thekey is feeding the animals a diet high in DHA and then marketing theDHA-enriched eggs and poultry to consumers. 
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Elanco announces full-value approach to poultry market

Focus of Elanco strategy will be on health, output, feed and access
After five years ofgrowth and multiple acquisitions, Elanco Animal Health has announced its newstrategy to service the poultry markets. At a press conference at the 2015 International Production &Processing Expo (IPPE) Kerryann Kocher, director, U.S. Poultry Operations,explained how the company came up with its Full Value Poultry business strategy.
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Secretary Vilsack outlines PEDv response program at World Pork Expo

US$4 million to be allocated for additional vaccine research
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced the launch of a U.S. Department of Agriculture program to assist the pork industry battle the porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) virus outbreak. Speaking at a luncheon at the World Pork Expo June 5 in Des Moines, Iowa, he outlined the USDA's response to the PED virus epidemic. 
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PEDv impact on US pork industry outlined at World Pork Expo

Virus situation shows signs of improvement
It was only a little over a year ago the porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) virus started impacting U.S. swine herds. In that year, as many as 7 million pigs have been lost and U.S. pork production has been impacted. But a year into the PEDv epidemic, a panel from the National Pork Producers Council at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, June 4 said the situation shows some signs of improvement. 
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Animal welfare important to poultry industry

VIV Europe 2014 visitors hear of how poultry industry is actively working to improve animal welfare and public perceptions
Aconference on animal welfare, conducted by WATT Global Media at VIV Europe 2014on May 21, drew a diverse crowd and numerous questions from the audience. Itfocused on the poultry industry's role in implementation of World Organisationfor Animal Health (OIE) animal welfare standards, how genetics companies breedfor animal welfare, and how a group in Germany is raising consumer awareness tothe poultry industry's commitment to animal welfare. 
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