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Jim Bigmore

Jim Bigmore is managing director of Hysolv Ltd., a company that specializes in biosecurity products, and provides products and consultancy services.


How to properly disinfect poultry production sites

Disinfection of poultry housing is essential to performance. Following a few simple steps can ensure the producer reaps the maximum benefit.
Tighter controls around the world on in-feed antibiotics have increased the importance of disease prevention through vaccination and biosecurity. The change in legislation has resulted in new challenges for the poultry producer including the increased incidence of necrotic enteritis in broilers, which was previously controlled using ionophore feed additives.
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Pig Production

Pig biosecurity: Preventing disease with disinfectants

Understand the needs of the pig farm and the properties of disinfectants available.
 The shift in emphasis toward disease prevention across Europe has pushed the use of disinfectants and other biosecurity products to the forefront. It has also raised the question of which is the best type of disinfectant to use on a pig farm.  
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