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Colin Ley

Colin Ley is an experienced freelance agricultural journalist, and is based in France.



Pig genetics is all about sustainable profitability

Changes in global pig production are creating new sales opportunities for genetics.
 The increasing professional structure of pig production in China and South America is creating an expanding international market for pig genetics, comments Dr. Bjarne Holm, Chief Operating Officer of the Norwegian-based Norsvin Group.
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Pig Industry

Czech pig industry poised for growth

Pig Breeders Association is lobbying for subsidies to energize, promote Czech pork sector.
Pig farmers in the Czech Republic are trying to stop a dramatic decline in domestic production, which has seen the country’s total pig numbers drop from 5 million in 1989 to 1.4 million in 2012.It’s a decline that has left the home industry clinging to just 50 percent of its own market in the face of pork imports from Germany, Spain, Denmark and Poland, according to Jan Stibal, managing director of the Pig Breeders Association of the Czech Republic. 
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