News and analysis on the global poultry
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Articles by Alyssa Conway


Global poultry and egg market projections

Poultry and egg consumption, production changes as population grows over the next decade.
In the year 2021, world poultry meat production is projected to reach 127.2 million metric tons. Although the world’s population growth rate is expected to slow to just 1.02 percent per year over the next decade, nearly 680 million additional people will need food, fiber and fuel by 2021.
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Meat production

Developing countries fuel poultry meat production growth

High feed costs limit growth in many countries.
Demand in rapidly growing developing countries will drive world meat production to expand over the next decade, led by poultry meat production growing at a rate of about 2 percent per year. Nearly 104 million metric tons of poultry meat will be produced in 2012 after surpassing the 100-million-metric-ton mark for the first time in history in 2011.
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Poultry meat and egg trade in international markets

Population increases, rising costs lead to trade growth in poultry and egg products.
A growing population and demand growth in the market for livestock products, especially in developing countries, has led to rapid trade growth in poultry and egg products. In the global market for eggs, shell eggs have historically been the most commonly traded form of eggs; however, the market for eggs is expected to shift over the next decade on Rabobank projections that egg industry consolidation will continue and increasing globalization will occur in the egg processing and egg products industries.
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High feed costs impact poultry meat, egg production worldwide

High input costs may limit market growth in developed countries.
In 2012, global meat production is projected to expand by nearly 2 percent to 302 million metric tons, according to estimates from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This growth will be driven by gains in pig meat production and poultry production, which for the first time in history exceeded 100 million metric tons, reaching a record 101.6 million metric tons in 2011, according to FAO.
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Egg production

China remains world’s top egg producer in 2012

More than half of world’s total egg production from only five countries.
Only five countries provided 55 percent of the world’s total egg production of nearly 64 million metric tons in 2011. Hen eggs, produced by a world total of about 6.5 billion egg-laying hens, comprise more than 90 percent of global egg production. Again in 2012, just a few countries will supply a majority of the world’s eggs.
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