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Rob Ward

*TEU is Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit. It is a measurement for the containers that are used to ship most chicken around the world. Chicken is normally transported in the larger FEU boxes (Forty-Foot Equivalent Unit).



The Brazilian Port of Itajai: Chicken export capital of the world

The Port of Itajai is the biggest point of departure for chicken shipments in the world, but how did it reach this position, and what threats are on the horizon?
Brazil is the world's leading chicken exporter, with 3.918 million metric tons of chicken meat exported in 2012 out of a worldwide figure of 10.3 million metric tons. The country moved ahead of the U.S., which exported some 3.2 million metric tons last year, to take pole position back in 2003. 
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Brazilian poultry meat exports slow

2012 is expected to end with Brazil’s poultry exporters shipping levels similar to 2011 but with lower values.
Brazil is the biggest chicken exporter in the world, sending 3.96 million metric tons overseas in 2011, an increase of 3.2 percent on 2010, reports the producers’ association UBABEF. The country is the second-largest chicken meat producer.
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