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Charles R. Stark

Dr. Charles Stark is an assistant professor in poultry science and a feed mill specialist at North Carolina State University. His extension and research efforts are associated with feed mill operations and management, specifically in the areas of maximizing the feeding value and improving the handling characteristics of bio-energy by-products, and developing processing methods for alternative cereal grains, forages, and food processing co-products.



Mycotoxin management: The importance of a coordinated program for feed mills

Comprehensive quality assurance programs aid in protecting your assets
A coordinated mycotoxin management program at a feed mill begins with a comprehensive quality assurance program that includes more than merely testing for mycotoxins during the receiving process. The quality assurance program must also have strategies to prevent their introduction into the manufacturing process and minimize mold growth that could produce mycotoxins during grain storage, feed processing and finished feed storage on the farm.
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