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Pieter Oosthuysen

Pieter Oosthuysen is Cobb regional accounts and technical manager for Africa



A new look at feeding broiler breeder males

Following simple feeding rules can lead to good results when managing broiler breeder males and achieve high hatchability.
Breeding companies have their own views on feeding broiler breeder males and on the optimum mature weight guidelines to achieve high fertility throughout the life of the flock.Emphasis in breeding program selection continues to be placed on improved feed conversion.
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Opportunities and challenges for poultry production in sub-Saharan Africa

Could the South African poultry industry's desire to expand finally be the boost for the continent's poultry production take off?
The poultry industry in Africa has grown and developed steadily over recent years. The pace of growth is now expected to quicken as companies move north from South Africa in an attempt to diversify away from their home market, which is under stress from imported chicken meat.
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