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Agathe Roméo

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Zinc, copper favor bacterial resistance

Fighting antibiotic resistance in swine production requires not only a reduction of antibiotic use, but also a better understanding of the effects of zinc and copper supplementation in pig diets.
Fighting antibioticresistance in swine production reduced antibiotic use and a betterunderstanding zinc and copper supplementation in pig diets.
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Piglet being held by person in lab coat

Five possible negative effects of zinc oxide on piglets

Zinc oxide used in high concentrations can increase growth and reduce diarrhea in piglets — but there is a downside from overuse.
The effect of pharmacological levels of zinc oxide (ZnO) on piglet growth performance has been recently evaluated in a review involving 26 studies. Results indicated a significant (P<0.05) and positive effect of zinc supplementation on growth, feed intake and feed efficiency as shown in Figure 1. 
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