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Vladislav Vorotnikov

Vladislav Vorotnikov is a freelance journalist.



Iranian feed industry struggles with grain imports

Sanctions, lack of GM grains hinder growth of the country’s animal feed production, export potential
Raw material shortages, trade sanctions, the ban on GM grains, and mycotoxin contamination present hurdles for the Iranian feed industry, but insiders are increasingly optimistic that production and feed exports could be on the rise.
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Largest Estonian feed mill opens despite regional challenges

Pro Grupp Invest OÜ confident feed demand will overcome factors impacting country’s meat and dairy industries
Estonian meat and dairy industries are hampered by numerous factors which are affecting the price and the demand for feed production. Despite this challenge, Pro Grupp Invest OÜ opens the country’s largest feed mill.
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WTO sets new challenges to the Russian feed industry

Foreign companies to account for a greater share of Russian feed, additive production
Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in August 2012 has seriously complicated the work of the domestic feed industry, which now has to face tough competition with foreign producers, according to the Russian Union of Feed Producers. With the increase of imports, Russian feed producers have no choice but to seek a way to improve the efficiency of the work of their enterprises.
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