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Ann Reus

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How does US ag industry feel about trade tension with China?

We asked industry experts to tell us what they think about the trade war
With talk of a trade war erupting between China and the United States, WATTAgNet asked several agribusiness industry experts to explain how they see the developments affecting their business. We asked them: How do you see the trade war with China affecting the U.S. animal feed industry?
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Trump looks to re-enter TPP negotiations

Some Asian countries cautiously welcome US returning to deal
U.S. President Donald Trump has told the director of the National Economic Council (NEC) and the United States Trade Representative (USTR) to negotiate the country’s re-entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership, according to a senator who met with the president on Thursday.
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Effective science communication must have human voice

Scientist says effective scientific communication must use trust, emotion and social identity
Although researchers and scientists have the facts to back up their arguments, how they communicate with the general public is not effective, according to Dr. Alison van Eenennaam, of the department of animal science at University of California-Davis.
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US ag groups speak out over trade war with China

American soybean farmers hit hard by retaliatory levies from China
After China’s announcement this week of a proposed 25 percent levy on 106 U.S. product imports worth $50 billion, including many agricultural commodities, U.S. ag groups have spoken out.
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