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Basharat Syed

Dr. Basharat Syed is product manager and poultry specialist with Biomin Holding GmbH, Austria.



Managing poultry house odors with feed additives

Fortifying poultry feeds with phytogenics improves digestibility, aids performance and can reduce odor emissions from the poultry house.
Odor emissions from poultry houses have become a limiting factor in building or expanding facilities in some parts of the world, and existing facilities run the risk of incurring high costs related to environmental degradation.
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Potencial antioxidante de los fitógenos

Los fitógenos para alimentos balanceados mejoran el estado antioxidante de los animales
Las propiedades antioxidantes de los aditivos fitógenos naturales pueden brindar beneficios al proteger al organismo animal de influencias dañinas, mediante la prevención de las reacciones de la oxidación, conocidas como estrés oxidativo, cuando se incluyen en el alimento balanceado.
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Antioxidative potential of phytogenics

Phytogenic feed additives improve the antioxidant status of animals
Antioxidants are natural substances that can protect an animal organism from harmful influences by preventing oxidation reactions, termed as oxidative stress. The antioxidative properties of phytogenic feed additives may provide such benefits when included in feed. 
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Reducing emissions in poultry houses through phytogenic feed additives

Enhanced digestibility of dietary nutrients through phytogenic supplementation reduces ammonia emission, promotes performance.
Air quality is a highly important issue in livestock farming, particularly for poultry farms. The general public is also becoming more conscious of the unavoidable emissions from intensive livestock farming, with the latter one of the most important public issues of socio-political debate.
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