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9 biosecurity tips for pastured poultry flocks

Learn proactive steps to increase biosecurity on the farm by planning ahead of the chicks' arrival and through day-to-day management.
Biosecurity plans and practices revolve around the idea of prevention rather than treatment, and reducing opportunities for contamination on a poultry farm.
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'Big organic' growth has agriculture at crossroads

As large-scale agriculture and big business move into organic food production, organic farmers and producers contemplate their next move.
Organic agriculture is at a crossroads with an important decision to make. What began as a grassroots movement is now a multi-billion-dollar — and expanding — industry that has caught the attention of the biggest players in the food industry.
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Climate change trends that will affect Midwestern farms

A senior climatologist outlines what to expect for climate change in the Midwest and how potential scenarios could impact farms.
Kenny Blumenfeld outlined climate changes currently impacting agriculture and what Midwestern farmers, particularly in the Corn Belt, should expect during upcoming growing seasons.
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How farming with permaculture can mitigate climate change

Experimenting with permaculture techniques can improve efficacy and sustain limited farm resources, protecting the environment.
Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.
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Organic farming movement shaping agriculture's future

Reduced tillage, cover crops and widespread interest in soil health all have roots in the organic farming community.
The organic farming movement has lead innovation in sustainable agriculture for 30 years, said John Mesko, executive director of the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES), whose career has covered all facets of agriculture.
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How organic farmers can impact the next farm bill

Now is the time to encourage federal policy that best supports organic and sustainable production systems.
The farm bill has major implications for sustainable and organic farmers, and now is the time to defend, strengthen and establish key programs and policies that benefit organic producers.
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Pastured pork production strategies for profit

Raising pastured pigs can be profitable with the right grazing plan and careful attention to pasture conditions.
Benefits of raising pigs on pasture include improved pig health, a better work environment, less odor, less microbial activity, fewer regulatory problems and lower start-up and operating costs.
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How will climate change affect the 2017 growing season?

Weather and climate patterns are a driving force behind the success or failure of Corn Belt cropping systems.
Dennis Todey, climatologist and director of the USDA Midwest Climate Hub, outlined climate changes currently impacting agriculture and what to expect during the upcoming growing season at the MOSES Organic Farming Conference.
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How to raise pastured poultry for profit

Raising pastured poultry can be very profitable by following high production standards, finding the right customer and telling the right story
Mike Hansen, who runs Gifts from the Good Earth Farm, said raising pastured poultry can be very profitable by following high production standards, finding the right customer and telling the right story.
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