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Helen Warren

Dr. Helen Warren, owner of HW Consulting, achieved her Ph.D. from Bristol University. After working in academia, she worked for a global animal health company. She is currently chair of the British Society of Animal Science Industry Association, a registered animal scientist and certified Cow Signals trainer.



Advances in ruminant environmental impact reductions

Examining recent developments in the study of rumen microbial ecosystem, genetic selection
To reduce the impact ruminants make on the environment, the dairy industry must take a holistic approach to improving production efficiency, which includes the importance of the rumen microbial ecosystem and its role beyond simply providing nutrients to the animal.
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Dairy Nutrition

How to prevent milk fever in dairy cows

Prevention strategies include manipulation of the cow’s close-up diet post-calving
Hypocalcaemia, or milk fever, is a common issue in dairy farming. Cows with milk fever are at greater risk of other metabolic disorders so prevention should be the focus. Prevention usually involves manipulation of the close-up diet.
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Animal Health

Climate change increasing heat stress in dairy cows

Nutritional management helps maintain healthy rumen function while providing an optimal nutrient supply
Environmental and nutritional modifications can be implemented to address the challenges of heat stress. The main goal of nutritional management during heat stress is to maintain a healthy rumen function while providing optimal nutrient supply to limit the negative energy balance situation.
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