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Linaza extruida para enriquecer carne y huevos con omega 3

Una forma de añadir valor a los productos avícolas es enriquecerlos con EPA y DHA, que brindan beneficios en la salud humana.
La linaza extruida es un ingrediente en la alimentación de las gallinas que se puede usar para incrementar el contenido de ácidos grasos omega 3 en el huevo y darle un valor agregado.
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Further canola processing makes better meal for livestock feed

Extrusion and expelling equipment offer more options to support animal performance
Removing more canola oil from a second pass through an expeller has a concentrating effect on crude protein and amino acids, and when combined with high-shear extrusion, makes them more available in the same mass of canola meal to support animal performance.
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Commonsense practices produce safer feed

While FSMA is being finalized, take a back-to-basics approach to best practices in the feed mill
The goal of every feed manufacturer is to produce a quality, safe feed -- and the animal food rule of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) aims to ensure it. As FSMA is being finalized, it’s a good idea for feed mills to review their preventive controls and good manufacturing practices.
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