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The future of antibiotics in poultry and the Veterinary Feed Directive

An expert panel discussed the poultry industry’s use of antibiotics, the importance of veterinarians under the Veterinary Feed Directive and the public’s perception of the issues.
Antibiotics are a necessary part of a comprehensive poultry health and welfare program, but the use of antibiotics in food producing animals has become a concern among the general public. This concern can be alleviated by cooperation between poultry producers, pharmaceutical companies and the  FDA to educate consumers that antibiotics can be used safely in both humans and food animals. A recent panel discussion, “The future of antibiotics in poultry: The role of the Veterinary Feed Directive,” presented by and sponsored by  Zoetis, examined the role of the Veterinary Feed Directive in meeting the expectations of the public and addressed the directive’s proposed changes and their effects on the poultry industry. You can view the entire 90-minute panel discussion in five segments, starting with Part one at Following are some highlights from the five parts of the discussion. 
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