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Jackie Roembke

Jackie Roembke

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High feed costs, AI add turbulence to EU poultry sector

Rabobank’s Nan-Dirk Mulder shared his perspective on the challenges facing poultry and egg producers at the Poultry Marketing Round Table

At the Poultry Marketing Round Table Europe Edition producers learnt about current difficulties in the European market but also that there remains a positive longer-term outlook.

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Special report

Top Feed Companies: 102 companies rise to the top in 2018

Report highlights global compound animal feed manufacturers producing volumes more than 1 million metric tons in 2018.
The latest edition of WATT Global Media’s World’s Top Feed Companies listing reports 102 companies with more than 1 million metric tons of compound feed production in 2018.
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pigs eating from feeder

Can feed additives control ASF?

Researchers find additives solutions successful in fight against swine viruses
Pipestone Veterinary Services' Scott Dee examines feed additive solutions for fighting swine viruses in effort to control ASF.
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AFIA CEO Joel Newman's advice to feed industry leaders

Prior to his retirement, Newman offers his views on the future of the US feed industry and the importance of broad collaboration to educate consumers about the truths of animal protein production.
Outgoing AFIA president and CEO Joel Newman offers his advice for feed industry leaders and stakeholders.
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Swine outlook

African swine fever: What feed manufacturers need to know

Research has identified animal feed as a potential vector for the deadly pig disease. What can the global feed industry do to deter its spread and ensure feed safety?
An overview of the impact African swine fever will have on global animal protein, pork and feed production in 2019 and how feed manufacturers can mitigate the risks of its spread with biosecurity best practices.
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