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Taking the extra steps for poultry wastewater reuse

American Proteins' Cumming, Georgia, rendering operation goes above and beyond to conserve resources, use alternative energy sources and protect the environment.
American Proteins' operation in Cumming, Georgia, illustrates the mindset of leading poultry companies focused on providing value to customers through improved performance and community relations.
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Poultry plant’s steadfast commitment to clean

Pilgrim’s Guntersville, Alabama, processing plant helps protect a cherished local natural resource while providing a necessary service for its company.
Pilgrim’s Pride Corp.’s, Guntersville, Alabama, exemplifies the company’s focus on making a difference by improving the lives of others through its daily work. In doing, so Pilgrim’s Guntersville operation received an Honorable Mention in the 2017 U.S. Poultry & Association Clean Water Award for the partial treatment category.
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Transforming poultry wastewater into renewable resources

The Scranton, Arkansas, facility finds beneficial reuses for waste products from Tyson’s production around the area and is committed to sustainability.
Tyson Foods River Valley Animal Foods in Scranton, Arkansas, underscores environmental stewardship through its capture of the final poultry protein meals and fat commodities. Because of this RVAF received the 2017 U.S. Poultry & Egg Association Clean Water Award for the full treatment category.
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Carla Prince and Matt Jolliff, Keystone Foods, and Steve Smith, O’Brien and Gere

Keystone’s green poultry further processing plant wins award

Keystone Foods’ Gadsden, Alabama, facility utilizes state-of-the-art technology for sustainable poultry further processing wastewater operations.
Keystone Foods LLC’s total commitment to sustaining the planet through local community stewardship is a key tenet behind its winning of the 2017 Clean Water Award for wastewater pretreatment.
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How Tyson Foods monitors poultry wastewater with SCADA

Tyson Foods’ SCADA system allows monitoring and control of poultry wastewater treatment processes with portable pad, onsite, or remotely via the internet.
The Tyson Foods chicken further processing facility in Russellville, Arkansas, uses a proprietary supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system to manage wastewater pretreatment processes. It includes real-time visual monitoring with cameras.
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Poultry renderer recognized for wastewater reclamation

Keeping water clean while converting poultry offal, feather and blood to usable feed and oil ingredients earned recognition for River Valley Animal Foods.
Tyson Foods’ River Valley Animal Foods (RVAF), Scranton, Arkansas, is a model of environmental stewardship, converting the offal, feather and blood received from the surrounding area’s poultry processing plants into usable feed and oil ingredients.
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Seeing Simmons Foods through clean water

This poultry processor makes its environmental commitment crystal clear with continuing investment in technology and bringing the public in to see the results.
From the top down, Simmons Foods' corporate commitment is to excel in environmental quality and the poultry processor backs this up with investment in wastewater treatment technology and public transparency.
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Poultry processor targets zero landfill waste

Poultry further processor Keystone Foods builds on a tradition of innovation and environmental teamwork in wastewater treatment in Reidsville, North Carolina.
Keystone Foods consistently exceeds poultry processing wastewater discharge requirements at the Reidsville, North Carolina, further processing facility while driving the annual tonnage sent to the landfill towards zero. This focus on clean water and the environment makes the facility a 2015 Clean Water Award Winner.
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How a processor efficiently cleans poultry wastewater

Fieldale Farms’ chicken further processing facility consistently treats its low-volume, concentrated waste stream in spite of pH fluctutation, stormwater challenges
   Fieldale Farms’ chicken further processing facilityconsistently treats its low-volume, concentrated waste stream in spite of pHfluctutation, stormwater challenges. 
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By-products wastewater treated with Bardenpho system

Tyson Foods River Valley Animal Foods treats poultry by-products wastewater with the four-stage Bardenpho system in Scranton, Arkansas.
 Tyson Foods River Valley Animal Foods treats poultryby-products wastewater with four-stage Bardenpho system in Scranton, Arkansas. 
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