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Tim Brusnahan

Tim Brusnahan

This is guest commentary from Tim Brusnahan.



Ethanol production and stocks – a delicate balance

Industry needs to work together to drive a margin of profit
The latest data from the U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA) says ethanol stocks have slightly increased while production has diminished over the past few weeks. This is a key factor of market balance of supply and demand the industry follows very closely.
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How ethanol, DDGS may affect the 2014 US corn crop

The blend wall for ethanol and livestock and poultry producers’ preference for corn over DDGS in their rations could dampen enthusiasm for expansion in the ethanol industry
Ethanol is no longer in a growth phase. Sure, exports offer strong potential for profitability going forward, but we don’t see new plants being built. 
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2014 US corn, soybean crop forecast to keep prices trending lower

High quality expected from corn crop should stimulate export demand, but rail and barge traffic may cause challenges in transporting crop
August forecasts were that a record soybean crop would bereported by USDA, which is now well known by anyone who follows commoditysupply and demand worldwide, and the price of soybeans has moved lower. 
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