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Infographic: Cage-free pledges of manufacturers and distributors

Some food manufacturers have already made the complete switch to cage-free eggs, but goals of distributors are several years down the road
The U.S. egg industry continues to add cage-free laying systems to meet the demands of companies that have pledged to source only cage-free eggs. Food manufacturers and processors, as well as distributors, are included in those companies.
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Infographic: Retailers’ cage-free egg pledges

Most North American retail chains have pledged to make the conversion to selling only cage-free eggs during or before 2025
U.S. egg producers continue to convert their operations to cage-free laying systems as supermarket and retail chains in North America have committed to only use eggs from cage-free sources.
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GAP standards infographic

Infographic: GAP broiler standard commitments

List of companies pledging to source broilers raised according to Global Animal Partnership standards growing
While the pace has slowed down, companies continue to change their policies concerning the sourcing of broiler chickens, making pledges to source only slower-growing broiler breeds that are raised according to the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) standards, and in some cases, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) standards.
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Infographic: 3 types of food consumers

Animal agriculture industry should only focus its energy on reaching two of the three groups, UC-Davis professor says
There are three basic groups of food consumers, but the animal agriculture industry should only focus its energy on two of those groups, a University of California-Davis professor says.
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