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Articles by Richard Markus


Antibiotic usage trends promote new ways to raise pigs

Recent study suggests natural growth promoters have potential to replace AGPs in animal production
Regional disparity in antibiotic growth promotion (AGP) use reveals longer-term trends toward AGP replacement while new research suggests diminishing returns. The rise of natural growth promoters will outpace antibiotic growth promoters by a factor of 2 to 1 through 2030. From a performance perspective, several natural feed additives can effectively serve modern livestock production and generate profits.
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Pig feed fumonisin contamination reduces health, performance

Fumonisins are present in many pig feed ingredients, but their effect on health and performance are only now being understood and appreciated.
Fumonisins have been detected in various feed commodities in different parts of the world and together with deoxynivalenol, are considered as one of the most frequently occurring contaminants of animal feed. They can reduce pig health, performance and profitability.
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