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Articles by Matt Beeson


US broiler industry to expand production in 2017?

The rise in broiler chicken hatching egg placements reported by USDA in October of 2016 signals lower chicken prices into early 2017.
Chicken buyers have taken notice that the U.S. broiler industry is placing more hatching eggs and an apparent expansion of chicken production is under way.
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Lower meat prices may edge out turkey this Thanksgiving

Competitive meat prices mean greater competition for turkey and more choices for U.S. consumers this Thanksgiving.
As Thanksgiving approaches, U.S. consumers may be pleased to see lower prices meat prices at the grocery store. But might competitive meats push turkey off the Thanksgiving table this holiday season?
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Preparing for poultry-foodservice contracts in 2017

Poultry producers need to be ready to handle foodservice buyers’ expectations in a low-feed-cost environment in contract negotiations for 2017.
What’s good for the production side of the poultry business can lead to apprehension on the sales side of the poultry organization … with foodservice buyers watching both sides closely.
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Should poultry producers wait for lower grain prices?

Poultry and livestock producers should use probabilities about grain futures to set price targets for feed ingredients this fall.
With the price of key poultry feed ingredients at levels not seen since 2010, livestock operations need to consider risk management strategies prior to the growing season. The analyst continually hears, ‘How much lower can it go?’ or ‘Why risk summer weather when prices are so low?’ The best answer to those questions comes from simply looking at historical price movements and using that information as a predictor of market potential.
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