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Jenny Hone

Jenny Hone is a freelance journalist specializing in health care and pharmaceuticals.


Could avian flu-resistant chickens be a commercial reality?

The first gene-edited chickens resistant to avian influenza could be ready for production within 3-5 years, but global regulations need to catch up with the technology.
Work on gene edited chickens able to resist avian influenza continues apace, but bringing these birds to market will face numerous hurdles.
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UK poultry industry a leader in reducing antibiotics use

New data reveals the UK broiler and layer sectors have exceeded industry targets for reducing antibiotic use. How does this compare with other livestock industries?
The U.K.'s broiler and layer industries are ahead of target in reducing antibiotic use to tackle antimicrobial resistance.
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Responsible use versus antibiotic-free poultry production

Where use of antibiotics in poultry and meat production is concerned, two distinct approaches have emerged – responsible use and antibiotic free.
Learn what responsible use and antibiotic-free production really mean for animal agriculture producers and which may be the most practicable.
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